Meals Half Price

I enjoyed breakfast, lunch, dessert, and coffee treats from the Star Bucks café half price using my employee discount. With this discount, I tasted treats I would not have tried on my own dime. The Spinach and Artichoke quiche, for instance. I would not try it when it meant risking close to $5 on something I might not want to finish. But for $2.30, I tried it.  I liked it – very much. Of course, I think management could boost staff morale by giving us samples of foods we would like to try. Grocery stores nearby give customers free samples on request. It would also be good for morale to have a pot of coffee set aside for us in the break room or free samples available to us in the café. It would be an investment in word-of-mouth advertising. We would rave about the company, rave about loving our jobs there, rave about the products we liked. Even if we criticized a product, the store, over-all, might benefit from our honesty and candor.


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