Little Gifts of Grace

I discovered small gifts with huge benefits, gifts I had not noticed at this store – or any other store before. Today, for instance, a customer purchased a 2×2 squared magnifier that tucks neatly in a wallet. Perfect! This would be a perfect Scrabble prizes for my mother-in-law and father-in-law, ages 75 and 80. We play Scrabble all day long on birthdays and holidays. This also would be a prefect gift for my husband who lamented the loss of his youthful eyesight. He goes to the store to buy medicine then remembers that he forgot his reading glasses and now can’t read the writing on the medicines. With this small magnifier tucked in his wallet, I figured, he can age with the grace of a vision enhancer at the ready. This little job afforded me a small gift of grace! Yeah!

I am also reminded to ask about the Scrabble Tournaments I used to see advertised here at the store. I was always too busy, working too late, to participate when I had demanding full-time jobs. But now I could enjoy the tournaments but they have gone the way of other social activities that did not generate $10,000-plus at one time like a good book fair school fundraiser does. Learning about selling books in big blocks could be value-added for my future when I am selling books I write. What kind of activities – and where – sell the most books? I’m in a good place to find the answer.


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