Practicing Humility – Yuck!

A few weeks into the job, I realized I had a pretty good attitude about everything. I had not complained that cleaning was not in my job description.  I had not debated the many demands made on me and the other low-wage employees. I had only looked at the bright side and worked earnestly. I felt proud of myself.

I had not even wasted time feeling sorry that after making $60,000 several years, then landing a job making $88,000, I had “fallen” to this minimum wage position where I was taking orders from someone with much less education, professional experience, and accomplishment. At $8/hr. I was realizing I had an unconditionally strong work ethic. I am willing to work as hard for a job that pays only $8/hr as I do for a job that paid $88,000/year. Ok, that’s stupid, but stay with me on this. I felt good about this. I gave myself credit for having a good work ethic. So, again, I got more out of this job than what my paycheck would indicate.

Also, I was reminded of a something I read recently on my horoscope:

You may learn a very important lesson today: Just because you are right doesn’t mean that everyone else is wrong. When you are proved to be correct today, you must resist the urge to gloat or to boast. Being arrogant is a very effective way to alienate people, bruise powerful egos, and put a big black mark on your reputation. It’s okay to feel proud of yourself — but not when it’s at the expense of others. Be humble, and nurture harmony.”

I am in a good position to practice humility and nurture harmony on a daily basis.  I am sure this will be value added when the economy picks up and I resume my career in public relations.


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