Loving the Job I Have

On my day off, I enjoyed an acupuncture treat.

Thanks to my spouse’s insurance, I was able to make an appointment for acupuncture on my day off yesterday. The acupuncturist asked about the high-paying job I had when I last saw her, and I explained that the last high-paying, high-profile job had not worked out despite my best efforts. I ranted for a good two minutes about the bad bosses and horrible demands I had experienced in the course of my 20-year journalism/P.R. career. I also told her how I had been willing to suffer the circumstances for the high salary and potential job security within a government agency, but her comments compelled me to consider otherwise.

“Sometimes it’s better to realize a bad fit sooner rather than later,” she said. “A lot of people get stuck. They end up in golden handcuffs.  They have to stay because they get set in a certain lifestyle and can’t make that money anywhere else, but they’re miserable in their job.”

As I lay on the table with tiny silver needles strategically place to reduce stress and soft music playing in the background, I thanked God that I get excited about going to work at Barnes and Noble because I will be surrounded by books, and people who love books enough to patronize a book-selling business.


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