Hello world!

I have been fired so many times it ain’t funny. My last job – making $88,000/year, thank you very much – lasted only three weeks, and the abrupt firing threw me for a loop and back into the job market, which, as you know, is crowded with more than 11 million unemployed people. That’s not including the unemployed and under-employed people who have given up and don’t even show up in the official account anymore.

 I have had many really great jobs and I am sure my divine job is out there some where. Meanwhile, I consider it a blessing that this $8/hour job I landed at Barnes and Noble has already lasted me longer than three weeks. I’ve been there since October 5. I value each hour I get to work there, and already I am beginning to get more out of it than the $8/hr. the company pays – WITHOUT STEALING!

I meet great people, and believe one of them may lead to a new career opportunity. I am learning how retail works, learning sales skills, and finding I would not have picked up on my own.

Here, I will blog about the experience, hoping to hear from many of you whose experiences with unemployment and underemployment has somehow enriched your life in other ways – like saving your sanity.

Today I was off work and had time to reflect on a few things. While eating breakfast I glanced over at my basil plant, and realized something important: just as my basil plant did not shrivel up and die after I plucked a bunch of leaves from it to make pesto, I will not curl in and die just because jobs have been plucked from me. And just like I am watering the basil plant, God will send resources to replenish my bank account and prosper my soul.


3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Awesome! I know it can be tough when you have to work to survive and you have no job. Been there a few times myself. I found the best thing that we can do during difficult times is to motivate and encourage others. It helps get our mind off of our own problems while helping someone else get over the hurtle.

    Your time will come!

    Look forward to reading more about your experiences (I love BAN by the way)!

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